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“Leftovers (Reworked)” is a consequence of “Scytale”, the Shinkei + Mise_En_Scene release on the Japanese label mAtter. During its preparation, some of the tracks were edited out due to space constraints. They were later released as “Leftover_1” on Dragon’s Eye Recordings and were further reworked with guest artists to originate the present compilation.


Originally self-published as a very limited triple 3" CDR release in May, 2009,
Celer's Levitation And Breaking Points is now available again on CD - this time
limited to 300 copies. Surely one of Celer's most subtly beautiful and uplifting
albums out of an already beautiful, highly prolific and much celebrated
discography of work. Especially magical to listen to in the early evening as the
sunlight fades below the horizon... a balm for the soul.

Track list:

1. Floating Parasomnia
2. The Enlightened Scapegrace
3. Obtuse Sensibility

Poetry by Danielle Baquet-Long.
Photography and cover design by Dale Lloyd.