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There’s a very sad tale behind them. They started as a couple but she sadly passed away, and he continued ever since. It’s no coincidence the music is intensely beautiful. Very reminiscent of William Basinski, I think he uses the same process of archaic and warm loops that I think is central to process for Celer. Anything with loops captures me; I think ingrained in my soul is something to do with looping and repetition.

You could almost somewhat say that each ambient thing on this list is thematically united by looping, they all come from the same place. We could break each record down but what I’m drawn to is the same language. This one is just the latest Celer one I’m listening to. When I discovered them I found out their catalogue is humongous. I love nothing more than falling in love with a new artist and then discovering they’ve made about seven thousand albums, because it feels like I’m going to keep having this love affair over and over again. So that was about the sixth Celer record I listened to in the last three weeks. On their Bandcamp alone there must be 55 albums. So yeah, this is just the one I’ve been listening to the last week or so.

Thematically they, or he, seems to explore the same cycle: looping but with minute details and a maturing of the loop within, or a reduction. To me, when things sound archaic, they sound timeless and I love timelessness. It’s so evocative of this sense of infinity, which I love, I’m drawn to a void of nothingness and everything simultaneously, and Celer are reminiscent of that void for me. A lot of these artists touch on that.