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Communication, replies, and half

a prologue.

A few minutes,

or hours this morning –

awake but dreaming, from sunlight to contrasts

Except this morning, you were looking straight at me –

Set your heart on something, but what if it is too heavy?

This has to be one of the most singular designs we’ve featured on Hard Format. There are three releases here: the first contains four 3″ CDs, the second a standard CD and the third a 7″ single. The twin pyramid shapes tied together by a slender thread are deliciously mysterious, they were hand painted by Dani. Between 200 and 250 of them were assembled since 2007. Will wrote to tell me that this is one of the last four Dani made. She died suddenly in her sleep in July. I confess I was extremely reluctant to cut the thread to see inside – I really wanted to leave them unopened, but ultimately thought it best to document them here. You can judge their size as one of them is cradled in my daughter’s hands.