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From the ever productive house of Will Long, also known as Celer, a double album that he recorded in 2018, and for which the inspiration were “the journals, letters, and photographs of James Jenkins, 1942-1943 from Luzon, Philippines”. I assume some words were used in the titles of these pieces, and photographs grace the inside of the cover. Apparently he was (1923-2014) stationed during the war in the Far East and participated in various battles, and lived around the world. I have no idea Will Long get hold of his letters and journals. The music has very little to do with the sound of war, but using tapes, four-track, Uher (a reel-to-reel machine), field recordings, Sony tape recorder, found sounds, Lexicon PCM42 and a pipe reverb, Long creates some very Celer-like music here. Disc two has one, fifty-two minute, piece ‘Uselessness Of The Caused’, whereas on disc one there are six pieces, from one-and-a-half minute to fourteen minutes. These pieces use long loops of quiet, evolving sounds. As (almost) always, Celer erects a firm yet the delicate wall of sound of drone music, from sounds that we no longer recognize, layer upon layered, erasing all previous stages of this process, leaving a hazy, dronal residue. As always, I might be wrong, of course. The music is slow and minimal, lingering majestically. This is especially the case of ‘Uselessness Of The Caused’, which is over fifty minutes long and fills up the entire second disc. On the first disc there are a few short pieces, interludes almost, of radio waves or old 78rpms caught, delivering a sound message from many decades ago; from a quieter world I’d say, but then the year and place may not indicate that much quietness. This is all quite rich music for a quiet day in which everything seems to happen at a ditto quiet pace. This is not something new by Celer, but another fine work all the same.