Lush and slowly oscillating like a blanket of clouds, Being Below is the latest from Celer, out on Two Acorns. Drifting and shimmering like the sky above, being below this glory is audibly captured on this EP/CD. Six atmospheric and dreamlike tracks, Being Below is a lovely, relaxing look at synthesis, decay, oscillation, and stillness.

Celer’s latest is an ethereal gem, that floats as majestically and effortlessly as the clouds in the sky which inspired it. Being Below grows and shimmers in such a way that something somewhat minimal can at the same time be very grandiose. The perfect amount of tones and layers combine to form an angelic chorus that is both delicate and robust. A seeming contradiction in terms, Being Below captures all the glory of the sky, its many phases of the day, and the plush feeling of its gossamer denizens with such ease. An all encompassing look at such a vast space without seeming overdone is truly well thought out and well played. Recorded with both digital and analog instruments, this fantastic skyscape was then mastered by German sound artist Stephan Mathieu. The product of this, as mentioned above, is a well done piece of ethereal, ambient music. Although short on run time, Being Below stands up to repeated listens, and each successive spin uncovers more hidden gems in the cottony layers. Composed for the place where Earth and space meet, both sides come into play, and wherever the listener places their imaginary locus shifts how the sound is heard. This subjective aural viewpoint adds extra depth to the piece, and opens up another dimension to the listening experience.

Wonderfully expressive without being overbearing, Being Below from Celer is a fantastic soundscape for the world above. Drifting past, each day into the next, this loop free time loop tells the tale of ten million words in only six tracks. Contemplative, and at the same time, easily accessible, this EP is a gorgeous piece of layered sound.