Back in Vital Weekly 1060 I was pleasantly surprised by a release by Will Long, as Will Long, called ‘Long Trax’, a nice pun on his name as well as the fact these were long pieces indeed. The real surprise was in the music, which was all house music; deep house music as Will calls it. I am no expert on the nomenclature of dance music, but I sure l loved that release. Here we have the follow-up album, again long tracks to be found here, six in total and there is a similar familiarthread going through all of them. Some very smooth synth sounds, almost nightclubbish in atmosphere, guided by some great beats, strong on the 4/4 of course, a fine set of percussive sounds and sometimes vocal samples that repeat lines off and on. I am not sure if there is the same political motivation behind all of this as on the previous one, but some of the samples seem to suggest that, in ‘That’s The Way It Goes’ or ‘The Struggles, The Difficulties’. A visitor to the HQ heard this and said it was fine background music, but then we were talking along all the time; when I turned up the volume and we shut up for a while he mentioned that it could be indeed an excellent minimal floor filler, so there you go. This is music that aims to please the feet as well fine background home listening. The surprise of Celer’s Will Long is not here again, but it sure is a pretty damn fine follow-up.