Another Blue Day is like blueberry-flavored ambient bubblegum: thin enough to pop, and light, playful music for the warmer Summer months. Spherical in tone and more than capable of riding on currents of soft, shampooed air, Another Blue Day emerges, fizzes and dissolves like a can of just-opened soda, flooding the body with a refreshing sound while at the same time reflecting nothing but a cloudless azure sky. Taste the feeling!

A pristine afternoon contains a natural beauty, like a girl without her makeup on. Celer‘s light tones are always in flux despite their looping nature, swelling and subsiding with ease. A bass-bruise vibrates on and off, thrumming in and out of soft focus, and this is the only other element beside the stick-thin drone.

Attuned to everything around it, a radiant drone sways the day away; you get the feeling its only aim is to make peace with all things. It lights upon brooks and gardens, pouring through leaves and having a positive impact on the process of photosynthesis. It sweeps over courtyards, streams and dales, lighting up the green shoots of grass – putting its focus upon these things. Existing in a pure state of being, and illuminating everything with a wave of subdued joy, the sparkling music envelops the curving sky with a wash of baby blue. The drone occasionally reaches up higher with a whistling loop-of-a-melody, coming across as slightly drunk on a balmy summer evening. The recurring bass has a responsibility in that it allows the drone to bend without it snapping.

The second piece, “And Another”, has more of a swollen sound, but for all of its inflation it still retains a surprisingly agile physique. The drone twirls and swoons with its slow-motion, gravity-defying gymnastics, utterly unchained as it scoops up the air, draping the atmosphere in sunny Saturday shades.