Will Long is ridiculously prolific.  ‘Inside the Head of Gods’ is no less, his third physical release this year.  Past years have yielded similar results.

Based on the paintings of Taichi Kondo for his exhibition ‘What’s My Name?’ in the Philippines; Celer has taken inspiration from various elements of the artwork and made an aural accompaniment.  The varying imagery giving rise to the sounds, whether they be quiet, loud, synthetic or analogue.

This latest piece of work is best played in one sitting.  Rich tonal throbs ooze out as long warm drones; remaining as a friendly cascade of musical colour, rarely dipping their toes into darkness.

Essentially, the ten relatively short tracks on display do play out as one long track.  There is little to be gained by skipping and searching through, for any vast difference between them.  If anything, this could quite easily have been on a loop in the background to the installation itself, being as inoffensive and endearing as it is.