No one freezes memories and life experiences into musical amber quite like Will Long.  His recordings under the name Celer always have a context and back-story that is essential to full appreciation of the work and never more so than on his forthcoming album Two days and one night in which he retraces and re-imagines the journey a great uncle who drowned in 1984 off the coast of Tunisia while staying at the Hotel Amilcar.

Using the same template that worked so well on the beautiful Sky Limits (2014), Long creates an immersive stream of consciousness experience by juxtaposing field recordings in the form of short vignettes that create a sense of place with mellifluous billowing drones of wistful beauty.  Street sounds, a TV broadcast, or gentle breakers washing over the beach serve as points of reference as we float on a sea of melancholic contemplation in such  tracks as ‘Spindles and fire’,  ‘Sol Azur’, and the incredibly immersive centerpiece, ‘In all deracinated things’. By the time ‘Terminal Points’ fades into silence, we have traveled far and been deeply moved, so much so that it is hard not to submit to the illusion that these memories have become our own.