Out of all the ambient types that littered our stock room with limited edition CD releases a few years ago, Celer were always the ones who could most easily evoke a mood of total calm. Now that there are fewer people making this kind of music, a release such as this long windedly titled record are much more welcome amongst the noise and debris of our over stuffed lives.

On opener ‘Bleeds and Swell Blends’, Celer immediately take you far away, to a sun bleached wheat field on a golden afternoon perhaps. The magic of this music is that it allows your mind to wander to a place you may have once felt at peace. This is done by using swirls of blissed out synths, plus the suggestion of an accordion and imperfect clicks and noises so it never sounds too clean. ‘These Dreams, How Portentously Gloomy’ swirls like bvdub being attacked by a gang of clarinets. Unlike that artist Celer leaves beats well along and concentrates on swells of sound.

It’s simple but very effective, immediately warming on the ear, no great departures just 45 minutes of blissed glory.