Recorded a couple of years ago in Tokyo and Kyoto, this disk mainly maps travel through large clouds of mushroom vapor, brought to you by Celer’s Will Long. The album’s title Sky Limits refers to areas explored, as the tracks seem to be expanded astral projections of a dreamy state of mind. A solo project since 2009, Celer is very successful on Sky Limits in escaping daily reality, and paints the enlightened state described under influence by early morning sunlight.

Expressing endless longing, drifting through celestial landscapes, Long’s state of mind resides in vaporised memories, making discrete snapshots of far out thoughts, impossible to determine their origin, and then stretching those stagnant stills into endless visuals of eternity, holograms of imaginary landscapes. Or something like that…..

No matter the words chosen to describe, don’t assume this is some kind of New Age or so, nor does it come close. It is effective in achieving what that genre is aiming for as Sky Limits breathes aether and does this to such an extent that the album, certainly when played at high volume, maybe adds more insights into space’s outer limits than NASA’s 10 last years of basic research.