Since the disappearance of his wife Danielle in 2009, the American Will Long is alone at Celer ship bar. Currently based in Japan, it multiplies activities (musician, writer, photographer, educator and manager of Two Acorns label). In ten years of existence, has become a safe Celer vative of minimtaliste ambient; along qu’Hakobune example (with whom Will Long has also worked). The choice of Long étabiir to the country of the Rising Sun does not seem fortuitous as the Ceier music is inspired by the Japanese refined aesthetics. Long incorporates this new disc field recordings recorded in Tokyo and Kyoto – five of the eleven tracks on the album are thus made noises of Japanese urban life. Apart from these short interludes, the rest consists of cottony plies, the American was secret; the atmosphere in its purest form. A dreamlike journey where soothing sounds of waves are superimposed harmoniously, coming and going endlessly. This is a sweet electronic music, without artifice. Within these pieces, no variation. Nothing deviates from the initial scheme, which sometimes stretches for ten minutes. Annoying? Perhaps, but God it’s beautiful!