Celer’s torrent of releases seems to have slowed to a trickle of late, but it’s no surprise to see Will Long back on my review pile this week with another newie. This is one of two CDs out this week on Spekk which come in beautiful book-like oversized card sleeves. It probably won’t surprise you to learn that the disc itself contains beautiful understated ambient drones.

There’s only one track on here, but it’s long and it’s droney, full of subtle deep space synthesis and that drifts forward on shuddering modulated chords. It’s airy and minimal but also a little dark and unsettling, with occasional distant disembodied voices and subtly discordant swells of half-melody. It unfolds gradually into a mournful rhythmic quiver that drones on for a very long time. If you like drones, and you like Celer, you’ll probably find it very enjoyable.