Vain Shapes and Intricate Parapets, or HOT-2 (2,5-dimethoxy-4-ethylthio-N-hydroxyphenethylamine), finds Chemical Rob matchmaking Celer and Hakobune, two of the most prolific and precious audio-spatial fragrance purveyors renowned for the emotional resonance of their drone and space musicking, for a marriage made in ambient heaven. Will Long and Takahiro Yorifuji are conjoined on a 2-track tape designated ‘for deep thought, reflection and longing.’ As drones go, and these are some of the most studiedly gone, Hakobune’s “Merges Of Hysterical Exhilaration” is all weightless low-mid range silken and gentle consonance with slight variations in harmonic turn and texture throughout. Celer’s “Complete Possession Of Full Temerity” reveals more timbral diversity, going from restraint to a fibrillant rapture of metals, while sustaining a serene mien. From measured low to high-mid frequencies, it gets (us) high later on, even flirting with an unwonted asperity of near-feedback resonances, increasingly engulfing, tonal shifts subtle yet effective, dissolving towards fade-out in light and luminous vapours. The two side-long pieces elide seamlessly, inbetweens dissolving, celestial-inclined dreamscenes of melodic abstraction solicitously sculpted a less weary world away from the software (worn) solutions of all too many New Now Voyagers of Ambient.