Back in 2008 (the year EIC began) a little known Japanese artist named Rie Mitsutake release her debut album under the moniker Miko. It was the best thing I heard that entire year, and to this day ‘Parade’ still gives me shivers in all the right places, seriously though the spiritual connection I have with this album is unearthly. Flash forward 5 years later (EIC is still here;), a second LP, a few guest contributions, and now this; (her latest) split project with non-other than (Ambient legend?) Will Long (aka Celer). I have a few Celer releases which are very warm-Ambient-gorgeous, but I’ll be honest he’s quite the prolific artist so I haven’t even really begun to absorb everything he’s been apart of. But from what I’ve heard.. Miko + Celer  = a match made in heaven.
I never review singles, but when one comes along that is so (super) special I certainly feel obligated. Oh, Yoko’s, debut release/single “Seashore” is astonishing, nostalgic, pretty, inviting, and forward thinking. As you know, I love Shoegaze/Dream Pop music, (now hold on) I’m not necessarily saying Oh, Yoko is “Shoegaze”, and/or “Dream Pop”, but this single reminds me of a certain specific-classic release.. Slowdive fans, you have ‘5 EP (In-Mind Remixes)‘ right? For those of you that don’t own this release; ‘Seashore’ reminds me of that album, which is quite perfect in my opinion. The mood is very sensual, slow, colorful, inviting, warm and sleek sounding. Will recorded some Ambient music and sent it to Rie, Rie added vocals, guitar, piano, and even her cat joined in (listen for the meows, they’re pretty adorable.)Track one, the original version, is slow moving with a bit of a ghostly beat behind it, “ghostly beat” meaning there is no beat, but you sense/hear something underneath breathing and moving. Rie’s voice is as gorgeous as ever, her minimal guitar plucks & enchanting piano melodies all so perfect on this release. Seriously, listen to this (you’re in love now aren’t you?). The instrumental take is even good, and I’m gonna be honest, I usually found instrumental versions usually kind of “blah”, but this good! And then track 3, this remix is KILLER. This track is the one that reminds me of of something I already loved & admired, ♥ this track. All the same song, but each version feels like something completely new/different. Please just trust me, you should go buy this.
You need this in your life (Perfect for anyone in need of relaxing..).
Standout Tracks: Um.. all.