The new release of Two Acorns, by Il Grande Silenzio, will be released September 1.

Within an extremely slow tempo, the raw sounds by banjo and self-built equipment by Il Grande Silenzio barely form a shape of music, like the soundtrack for silent characters in a monotone world. Il Grande Silenzio, the name taken from the title of a spaghetti western, is Minoru Sato and Atsuo Ogawa, both of which are working in the field of contemporary art.

Minoru Sato plays the self-built instrument “RP3M”. Atsuo Ogawa plays banjo, and provides voice. The music pieces of this first album were recorded between Autumn 2009 and Spring 2010. ‘home’ and ‘OTO’, made by an approach to improvisation, represents the original form of Il Grande Silenzio’s free-style sessions. ‘November’ and “forest” were formed by repeating simple phrases for long durations. Inside the music is an ambiguous harmony, like a new form of extreme folk music.



Minoru Sato

Minoru Sato has an interest in a relationship between the description of nature and an art representation. He is creating artworks per physical phenomena and various concepts. His activities are explored in the form of installations, multiples, performances and texts.

He ran the label “WrK” from 1994 to 2006. Now he is producing music pieces by solo, collaboration with ASUNA and others. He is organizing various contemporary art exhibitions/events as a curator.


Atsuo Ogawa

Our hands move spontaneously, and for Atsuo Ogawa, drawing a line is as natural as breathing, never knowing when and where to stop. His drawings of delicate patterns consist of one line, and the support ranges from paper, glass, mirror, soap, wood and even to the wall or floor. Ogawa has been an active participant in many solo and group shows since the late 1990’s.


TWO ACORNS : Label Profile :

Founded in 2010, Two Acorns is a publisher of different types of art forms ranging from music, to books, to film, and is combined with original packaging, with a focus on sentimentality in all its forms, new and old, shelved and worn, perfect and new. These are things you can hold in your hand, or keep on your bookshelf, to keep these feelings, memories, and experiences. There is no replacement for the smell of a book, the sound of a needle dropping on a record, or the consistently changing nature of our memories.