The prolific Celer (Will Long) & Machinefabriek (Rutger Zuydervelt) join forces for this cheeky ambient 7” release – created in celebration of their tour of the Netherlands and Belgium across March 2012.

Swapping numerous files between their respective home towns of Tokyo and Rotterdam the two have drawn on local geography and field recordings for inspiration here. Even the cover art is a combination of artwork found in a Tokyo nostalgia shop by Will Long and the design skills of Rutger.

‘Maastunnel’ on side A is named after the tunnel that connects the banks of the Nieuwe Maas in Rotterdam and was constructed during World War II. It apparently serves almost 75,000 vehicles daily although little hint of this commotion is found within the track itself as haunting reverb heavy melodies and water sounds introduce us to the piece. Squeaks and flutters surround a further Burial style melody – it feels like night time on the river until a quiet vocal sample cuts the music abruptly and we enter the Maastunnel accompanied by the creaking hums of its old wooden escalators.

On the flip ‘Mt. Mitake’ is named after a mountain to the west of Tokyo which Will Long climbed the day between finding the vinyl artwork and finishing the track. A pretty shimmering motif threads the piece together whilst menacing metallic drones advance then retreat in the mix. It’s all ever so slightly unnerving and makes me wonder if Mt. Mitake hides a dark secret and isn’t just an attractive hiking opportunity for Tokyo weekender’s.

Evocative and haunting pieces of collaborative work. We’d like to hear more please.