The breathtaking sounds that surround me for quite some time now are the result of a collaboration of two of the best drone craftsmen – Will Long and Rutger Zuydervelt as Celer and Machinefabriek. Having a wonderful basinski-esque beginning of the first piece called ‘Maastunnel’ it is suddenly interrupted to restart developing with an even cinematic sound design and a slightly modified loop. There is no doubt that these guys are collaborating perfectly on this release and being aware of the fact that it has an overall duration of just nearly 10 minutes I surely won’t be the only person that expresses the wish to see more of these Celer & Machinefabriek projects some time. ‘Mt. Mitake’ is a decent droning piece that is also based on the repetition of a single (beautiful) loop with a frugal but lovely melodic element that is suppressed for some time in a turbulent and slightly distorted drone part before it returns and lets the piece end with a certain softness and beauty that we also had at the beginning of ‘Maastunnel’. An amazing and intense though really short release that is definitely rounded off perfectly!