You know what It’s like with Celer. Virtually very single thing they did was pretty damn sublime and now the lovely Will Long is continuing the project solo, undoubtedly as a tribute to Dani, and he’s decided to unleash his new material on a series of enigmatic looking 12”s which just adds to the mystique and wonder of Celer’s work. I don’t know which installment ‘Foolish Causes of Fail and Ruin’ is but both sides are built from more of that epic, stately, shimmering drone-scapery that washes over you like the aural equivalent of moonlit tides or the longing sound of astral choirs. It’s a familiar language but one that is quite unmistakable and very comforting. Both pieces here are designed to scorch the sky and soothe the earth, transcendental and dense, languorous and all-enveloping. Long live Celer, the free-flowing sound of the universe.