An array of consonant breaths, elongated eliptically around a thermal element: the distillate a by-product of strangely alien matter, defying identification by regular means. The breath creeps, protrudes, resonates as an afterthought rather than punchline. Then we get to the bass, which drapes, sobs sympathetically over and over, like a lament in perpetual motion. Frequencies dip, bob metrically arbitrary to disruption, and traverse a solid category. All for Will Long’s “Rosy Reflections”, this synopsis is meant. And as ever, he delivers a masterclass, here spread across two tracks for Avant Archive’s tape series, in its definition walking wise.

To make a statement about drone’s refrain mechanism: it produces a counter-reversal effect on thought when reverted to so much, for such a period. Divulging: the continual backtracking of sonic information in repeating patterns, suggests a line ready to take off, a space to think – but also to wonder when the next progression will arise. Will’s strength, with his work in Celer and solo – as shown on “When You Fall Out Of Love With Me” earlier in 2011 – is to reside in that zone, make you feel at home, then apply subtle variations to give his compositions – or loops, as they first appear – a real appeal. Of course, you can only work a formula so long before you, the artist, becomes tired, whereby these pieces nod at outside influences including nature (“1″ sways its sound branches as a tall tree would),
leisure (“2″ is great material for the inner bookworm) and nurture; growth as a musician, doing something you enjoy, and making the most of what drove your love for music up to now.

“1″ really reminds me of Jon Hassell’s “Last Night The Moon Came Dropping It’s Clothes In The Street” in mood, though in this case, the piece relies just on deposits of synth to let its order stand. The revolutions are vintage Long, and Celer by extension, while “2″ strolls closer to producers like Milieu and Language Of Landscape, and their “Memories Fade Under A Shallow Autumn Snow” from Phantom Channel. While the similarity liaison may put off Fluid readers due to lack of knowingness, it must be said that Will’s work is all acquired – the “Black Vinyl” series was highly limited, CD-Rs and download channels are sparse despite the wealth of product, and this should
assure you whichever entry point that your listening time is worthwhile. All that’s left for now is to have the Celer name and all it’s offshoots emboldened as a choice for hypnotherapists, and part of this underground legacy will be complete.

“Rosy Reflections” was released in a limited edition of 48 with full-color glossy j-card on November 30th 2011.