The latest in the ever growing Celer catalogue comes Black Vinyl Series, a highly limited series of self-released vinyl, packaged in simple black sleeves. As a duo long-associated with hand-made, highly personal releases, each album will be individually numbered with handwritten credits.

Working within the limits of one side of vinyl per track, the series as planned so far consists of eight tracks spread over four LPs. Born from a search for inspiration and recorded over a few months, each composition consists of a single reel-to-reel tape loop. The analogue processes used to create the sounds, along with the relatively quick recording process makes for a freshness and intimacy that can often be lacking in more produced works.

Ever, Irreplaceable Beauty is the first in the series. The title track consists of a drawn out loop that stretches and yawns as though awakening the listener from a deep sleep. ‘Exclusively Above’ takes on a slightly darker edge, with an unsettling ebb and flow that lurches suddenly before briefly returning to a more static space.

Second in the series is Foolish Causes of Fail and Ruin, consisting of two further tracks of epic beauty. ‘Approach Me and Find Me This Way’ has a startling quality to it; both meditative and arresting in equal measure. A shimmering melodic line soars high above a static backdrop, allowing the focus to shift throughout the soundscape. ‘Glow and Beginning’ inhabits a far sparser space, its melancholic harmonies drifting gently through the ether, offering a chance for reflection.

As the four tape loops are only around 30 seconds each, there is plenty of space to allow for complete immersion in the sounds, with intricate details only becoming apparent after several repetitions. The listener’s attention is able to move from one feature to another; from a slight shift in harmony or a distant crackle, providing an intimacy with the sounds.

Once again Celer deliver the goods. The warm quality of the analogue recordings provides four beautiful pieces, each with a character of their own, paving the way for the rest of the series.

– Katie English for Fluid Radio