Chubby Wolf was the recording name of Dani Baquet-Long, one half of Celer, who sadly didn’t live to see the realisation of so much of her work. The extravagant, oversized, map-clad packaging dwarfs the understated content of this cassette, a suite of the quietest of drones. On Maudlin And Elusive, we are given a chart of the heart, and left to orienteer it with no compass. Hints and hidden meanings dance among the dark shadows, and coded references populate track titles. A voice emerges: a moan? a scream? a cry? of pleasure or pain? Traces of quiet emotion float on the surface like white paper on foam, being pulled back under the ebbing sea of tape hiss. Limited to one hundred copies, these pieces feel like whispers to friends, shared secrets, and love letters; like eavesdropping on something deeply personal. It hurts. It haunts.