Ooh I like a bit of Celer in the evening. Daytime it doesn’t work for me but come the evening I’m all ready to be pulverized into a fluffy Phil of calmness and tranquility. Always a pleasure, never a chore. This was originally released in 2009 as a triple 3” CD set and is now well rocking horse. So and/OAR have done a slightly more fan-base friendly edition of 300 in a digipack with a flying chair on. Celer are really rather good at creating warm sounding drone music and this three track album (each track twenty minutes plus) cements this. There’s no mass variation from their palette here but you’re probably not expecting that. You get three very long tracks which ebb and flow, throb and pulse with the gentlest of variations and somewhat rarely for drone music they have that bit of feeling about them which makes ‘em all warm sounding. You know what you’re getting with Celer and if you’re after the drone badge of quality then this gets it.