Another Celer album has just been released in a highly limited Edition of just 150 copies. The record label for ananlog sound called Analog Path (based in Japan) lately released this album called ‘Menggayakan’ on CDr. More than fifty minutes of field recordings and heavily processed drones – well, that’s just typical for Celer – are delivered in one track with the following chapters: Hatta / Gliding in the Absolute / Circular Square, Exhaust, Anti-American Protest / A Less Representation Of Myself / Masjid Istiqlal / Breathing Effects, and A Lack Of / Mosquito / Feigned Ignorance and Dissimulation / Ultraclimax / The Romance Of Travel / As Ever.

Regarding the complete Celer discography we often find long-form pieces like this. With widely delayed and multilayered drones ‘Menggayakan’ is rich of orchestral parts sometimes appearing with kind of a basinski-esque amount of repetition which has become typical for Celer as well. The different chapters are interrupted by laughter, documentary and other field recordings. As already seen on their ‘Engaged Touches’ album (on Home Normal) the string-laden parts often have a wonderful melancholic or even romantic atmosphere with solemn melodies in the high string sections. And again on ‘Menggayakan’ it takes some time until the sound seems to unfold from the cloudy drones that appear in the first chapters of the piece.

‘Menggayakan’ has been the second release of the newly formed Analog Path label. We should definitely keep this imprint in mind and check their releases regularly as their forthcoming schedule includes some really interesting artists such as René Margraff, Brian Grainger and Stray Ghost. And certainly we shouldn’t stop watching out for new Celer works that are still released constantly. I’m sure that this is not my last Celer review…

[ 4,3 / 5 ]