‘Chirp’ was originally created as a custom, private album, requested by a Los Angeles native for an in-home installation. The music was created for an art opening at the person’s private home, for a showing of their personal collection of artwork.

Located in the forest, the house completely surrounded by trees, we decided to use only bird sounds for the source material, creating 12 indistinct and varying tracks created entirely from baby bird sounds from a bird nest outside our home studio window. All the sounds were then equalized, the bird chirps being the only remaining sounds. After, we added analog effects, and small touches of processing.

The ideal setting for listening was with two small speakers placed on each side of an open window, and the music played on random repeat, at a low volume. Combined with the natural sounds of birds and the wind from outside the open window, the bird chirps blend in, like small whistling in the afternoon breeze.

The event was held in 2009, and the owner of the house and commissioner of the album has since passed away, so it is being made available now.

Dedicated to the memory of the commissioner (by request remaining anonymous).