Spanning across two CDs, Salvaged Violets is perhaps one of the most elusive Celer releases ever. Recorded by Will and Dani Long throughout 2008 as they were frequently distant from each other for work reasons, it is the fruit of a progressive series of solitary sessions that were reciprocally developed with the passage of time, without discarding anything but only working on what was left before, on and on until completion. There is no way to memorize details in this sporadically consonant, more often clustery amassment of electronic clouds. Both chapters are heavily informed by continuous blurs of hovering frequencies, neither indicating a real direction to follow nor giving even vague hints about the actual origin of the sonority. As it regularly happens with Celer, this is music that might occasionally evoke classic ambient, ultimately representing another step into their unique world of mesmerizing fluidity and deep reflection. We just need to let it go, finding the right moments to be entirely absorbed by the accumulation of resonances, getting glimpses of subsonic movements, enjoying the ripples and the ricochets that these unclassifiable sounds cause in the surrounding environment. Additional words are unnecessary for this item, destined to enchant many seekers of reminiscent quietness.