‘Maudlin and Elusive’, a new release by Chubby Wolf on Teosinte, is now available!

From Teosinte:

“In this broken evening of truth, a hand is blending the bluest of blues. It lifts up each mouthful and lets it glide across the room. There are children sleeping in the corner, dreaming on cool down pillows. Each tear that drips from their eyelids bears a thousand universal truths, that all slide down their cheeks, slide under the soft curve of their soft cheeks and into the pillow, to evaporate, to rest as a ring of salt. A ring of salt that silent thumbs can eat, plucking each mouthful off to taste the blues. Rest, rest, and dream about every comforting thing you ever knew. Dream that you are still in your mother’s arms, still in your lover’s arms, still standing still in the sky in the sun in the rain with that firm dome beneath you.

Chubby Wolf is Dani Baquet-Long. Dani was an incredible woman who made incredible music, and I am excited to finally be putting out one of her tapes. I just wish she could have been around to see it. In her honor, I am donating 50 cents to Planned Parenthood and 50 cents to Womenheart from every tape sale.

Red c60 tapes in white vinyl cases with National Geographic and Better Homes and Gardens clippings. No two are alike. Hand-numbered, limited edition of 100. $8 in the US; $10 in the rest of the world. Email me at eden at digitalisindustries dot com to order.”