If I was to have a decent nickname instead of the lumpen & idiotic Dangerous Brian, it would have to be Chubby Wolf. Alas I cannot adopt that moniker because it belongs to the late Danielle Baquet-Long of Celer. This is the first time i’ve actually heard her solo work. This sure is one scintillating dreamscape is this 7″. I was unsure how her solo stuff would pan out within the medium of a 7″ but oh, it totally does the job. There’s a gentle industrial undercurrent to side A of this captivating record. It flows in & out of focus with fluctuating waves of sound that sound like echoes of ghostly machines quietly drawing to a close. But there’s so, so much more happening! It sounds great on 33 but even better on 45 where it starts to emit crystalline shoegaze style elements. The way she layers her ideas into these zen-like evocative gliding tapestries is quite mesmerising. The flip-side (titled ‘If You Love Me….) recalls the caress-like guitar kiss of Slowdive, but even more tactile & richly detailed. The range of instruments Dani stockpiles to blend & manipulate at her whim proves that she was a true visionary musician rather than some cheeky laptop brandishing chancer (you all know who you are!) You can strongly sense that in the tranquil depth & spectral beauty of her sounds. Also for fans of Grouper I reckon!!