Though Celer has appeared many times in textura’s pages in both review and interview capacities, this is the first time Will Long has been featured alone. The reason for that is sadly all too well-known to Celer devotees: the death of Will’s partner Danielle Bacquet-Long in mid-2009 effectively brought about the end of Celer as a unit involved in the creation of new material; instead, Will is now operating in a curatorial capacity as he oversees the ongoing release of material the group produced prior to Dani’s passing. While he honours her memory in that regard, Will is also channeling his energies into other projects, the most notable of which is currently Two Acorns, the label he recently established and on which the Celer-Yui Onodera collaboration, Generic City, appears. Will recently spoke with us to bring us up-to-date on all things Celer, how things are faring in his own world, and other related topics.

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