Salvaged Violets is the latest release from Celer, a work which once again highlights the twin themes of beauty and tragedy that personify Will Thomas Long and his late wife Dani Long’s art…

This latest release is a 2xCD work containing a pair of long form tracks which provide the usual evocative Celer experience and is measured in hours rather than minutes. To successfully encapsulate the emotions which one feels when listening to the two and a half hours of music in Salvaged Violets is difficult, but for those familiar with Celer’s previous output, there will likely be but one question; ‘is this another essential Celer release?’ the answer of course, is yes.

Salvaged Violets was written at a time when Will and Dani were working on almost opposite schedules, the pair composing their contributions separately, then leaving a piece of music for the other to discover upon the end of each working day. A longing is present in each refrain and every moment of music, though to be sure, Salvaged Violets is not a morose work, rather it accentuates the worth of Will and Dani’s life together.

Perhaps owing in part to the length of time which the listener must invest in Salvaged Violets, the ensuing payoff is all the greater, the two pieces becoming a soundtrack to one’s day and thus linked forever by memory to the time spent listening. In a period when concentration is at a minimum and multi-tasking the norm, Salvaged Violets compels one to stop and enjoy this uniquely intimate portrait of Dani and Will’s time together, a work which will be returned to again and again.

Salvaged Violets is available now from Infraction Records and is released in a run of 998 2xCD copies, in mini-lp gatefold sleeve, with twelve art prints and photographs by Peter Lograsso.

– Adam Williams