A special website for Two Acorns has also been created by the wonderful Kitchen studio, who I owe an incredible amount of thanks to for this, and all of their help with Generic City.

Generic City is the debut release of Two Acorns, presented in a custom-designed CD package created by mondii with photography by Danielle Baquet-Long and mastered by Taylor Deupree.

Press Release:

“For this collaboration work, I made a lot of field recordings. Songs of migratory birds that come to a big lake only in winter, the sound of breaking ice, frozen on a lake, the peal of huge bells in a temple, voices in prayer to the Buddha, footsteps in the subway, machine sounds at a construction site, rain flowing into a steel pipe, the oscillation sound of rubbing iron which was recorded through a contact mic set on steel, the conversations of people walking in the city, noise of vehicles and trucks, kids voices from an elementary school and so on. Like a time trip to transcend places these sound-scapes are presented as a imaginary tale. To collaborate with foreign artists became a chance for facing Japan again for me. Reflecting on each of our localities to compose let us be aware anew of the vernacular which has been lost in the global world.” – Yui Onodera

“We contributed many instrument sounds and field recordings, the streets of LA, rain on our doorstep, water draining into the gutter, cars passing on wet and slippery streets, people walking on their way home from work, talking in an airport baggage claim, airliners flying over, riding bikes through traffic, conversations in restaurants, the Metro Link train in LA. In mixing, since we were working with someone’s instrument sounds and field recordings from a city that we haven’t visited, much was left to our imagination to re-create an environment and city setting. When these two entirely different cities came together it created an all new way of looking at and hearing the city’s movements around us.” – Danielle Baquet-Long, Will Long

Available directly through Two Acorns

Also available from these stores: Darla, Experimedia, Infraction, Playing By Ear, Databloem, Norman Records, Slow Flow, Rhythm Online, Boa Melody Bar, Boomkat, and Basses Frequences