Even though I don’t dare to locate this precious 3” CDr within the recent string of posthumous Celer releases, what I can do is point out how great it is. The title track, obviously the only one here, stretches the format’s limits to the max, clocking in at just under 23 minutes. I’m not usually one for shimmering, ambient drones(capes) but this husband-and-wife duo really did it right. Using a variety of string instruments with tape sound, samples and field recordings, “All At Once Is What Eternity Is” transports the listener over bizarre glaciers of rugged landscapes before, after some 13 minutes, a sudden break washes over the composition like sudden rain. Some spoken word samples ensue before the track builds again, via floating female melodies, towards a blissful anti-climax. It is an absorbing, elevating listening experience, and as such might be discarded as somewhat high-strung by some or in some situations. But while this certainly is not a release for each and every situation, it is so emotional that it is practically beyond reach. “All At Once Is What Eternity Is” has been out for a few months but it is still available from the label.

8/10 — Jan-Arne Sohns (1 September, 2010)