Rangefinder ‘Harmony state’


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Track list:
1 30,000 feet in meters
2 Amateur and edgewise
3 Balance drive
4 Rolling planets
5 Sunrise aftertouch
6 Particles for rebuilding
7 Circulation
8 Peaks and downfalls
9 Riviera
10 Signal for Nicolai Tesla
11 Theme for Kissy Suzuki
12 Carrier

“In a white-hot blue rush, the sun came breaking in with enough strength to push you over backwards. Smoke was still lingering on the ceilings, being sucked out once the windows opened up. She leaned out the window, looking down into the empty streets. Nobody. It’s a more peaceful life, now. Everyone’s at the beach, no more working. They gave that up years ago. He came into the room, and laid down on the sofa.

Minutes later, night was coming, and the car warmed up, as they went out along the boulevards, and into the mountains, for the foggy climb to the top. The keyboards on the tape stereo sizzled in the crisp night air, and below, from the lookout point, all the lights were off and quiet. Let’s sit here and see the moon rise.”

Available directly as:

  • Cassette edition from A Guide to Saints, available in a yellow screenprinted case, with pink imprinted cassettes.
  • Digital download (included with all physical versions) also separately available in MP3, ALAC (Apple Lossless), and FLAC.