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Track list:
1 Apathy Has Its Own Momentum
2 For 6 Seconds, You Don’t Blink
3 I See The Ones
4 The Last Thing You Explain Before You Die
5 The Smoke In The Photo
6 Walking Above Walkways
7 Homes Between The Channels, Under The Dams
8 Blinking Twilight At 3 AM
9 Entropy Is The New Black

Release description:
Packaged in hand-painted foldout cardboard cover with 2 inserts.

Track list:
1 Natatorial Swings / The Languid Progency Of Low-Flying Birds / A Soupçon Of Self-Doubt In A Pannus Cloud / Superannuated Blinks Of A Otherwise Forgotten Pond / The Peregrine Birders Of Phantom Forests / Laggardly Filling In The Past / The Impotence Of Decelerated Self-Importance / Epigone Bygones

Release description:
Cursory Asperses is a series of pieces based around the single concept of slow movement. Throughout the process of composing and mixing, we kept in mind, and based everything on the form of certain field recordings, made at an isolated stream in the woods, of the slow trickle of the water, and of laundry hanging on cords in the backyard, flapping softly in the wind. While combining these field recordings with recordings of instruments, we mixed them into a more whole form of slow movement, with delicate, thin layers, but which we also intend to display our ideas interpreting the soft nature of Slow Flow.

Track list:
1 Normal Sadness (The Softness Of The Sea Hibiscus)
2 Stipulated Morning Beside The Wreckage (First Sight)
3 The Second In A Sequence Of Glances And Introductions
4 Heart Shapes And Requiems At The Height Of LamLam
5 Empty Hum (An Open, Empty Ocean)

Release description:
CELER is a fast growing in reputation entity, and also the main artistic expression of lovely couple of Will Thomas Long & Danielle Baquet-Long, currently based on the coast of Southern California… Both have jobs in the educational domain, are versed into literature, and have common interests in Poetry, Painting, Photography, History & Philosophy…

CELER carries out its ceaseless thirst for beauty & emotion through sound, merging techniques of analog and digital world via the use of field recordings, custom software, real instruments, effects + manipulation, and concepts…
Since inception, CELER has been extremely prolific and generous, overflowing the independent market with numerous hand-made releases, soundtracks for installations & art exhibitions, & works for various labels across North America, Japan & Europe…

As a result of their sheer passion, they didn’t have to wait that long before seeing unfurling waves of praise… as an example, their collab with Mathieu Ruhlmann, “Mesoscaphe” is now permanently archived in Vancouver’s Maritime Museum…

As symbolic celebration of reaching its 50th release, MS is proud to serve as a showcase for their highly personal album “Tropical”.

Track list:
1 Runway Wind / Leftover Thunderhead / Drift-off / Radio Haze / Shattered Beauty / Collide-oscope / Contacting Mirrors / Splendor Floor / A Footrest At 8,000 Feet / Visible Eyehole / Open Springs At First / In Time, Even / Wah / A Train Of Chemtrails / Global Dimming / Lapping Circulations / Sailplane / Love-lift / Spinning Séance / Manmade Wings / Carry Those Chords In Your Stomach / Compensatory Listening

Release description:
Limited to 100 copies. Packaged in clear plastic sleeve with folded insert.

Track list:
1 Misinterpreted Renaissance / Ploughs Of The Double-Sided / Floating Cells / Do Me That Love / Empty Buckets Over The Sky / Wonder If It Was Really Worth It To Wonder / Fleshy Trumpets / Fifth With White / Fourth With Red / Naked As Art / The Burden Of Mind / Reachlessness / So Much They Cannot Know

Release description:
Created by commission for the University of California at Irvine as a sound companion for an exhibition of 13 different 14th Century manuscripts. The original pieces existed as 13 different parts for each individual piece of art.

Limited edition of 100 copies. Packaged in clear plastic sleeve with folded insert.

Track list:
1 Crouched In Elysian / Quaggy Staircases In Rock Walls / The Archeological Aspects Of Grief / Organs Of Perception / The Ordinary Intellect / The Scent Of Confusional Arousal

Release description:
Breeze of Roses began in late 2005 when Danielle Baquet-Long and Will Long (together known as Celer) spent a long weekend on the banks of Lake Attersee in Austria. During a break in a rainstorm, a one-hour recording was made in the belly of a docked sailboat, consisting of a mini-piano, whistles, and cello. A direct field recording, containing the thumps and thuds of water against the bottom of the boat and the wind howling outside of the open hatch, was also used. This recording was left untouched until 2007, when Celer picked up where they left off. Drawing Inspiration from the memories of Attersees’ rosewind the old recoding brought back, Celer restructured these cold and early sounds, through processing and editing, into something romantic, representative, and perpetual.

Presented in 6 imprecise parts, Breeze of Roses continues Celer’s amazing ability to take simple tones and field recordings and create breathtaking emotional landscapes that echo the movement and romance of a classical composition without sacrificing a modern edge.

The photography accompanying this release are by artist Peter Lograsso. The cover image Night (2005), a silver rag print, and the inside cover is Last Seen (2005).

Track list:
1 Aronia

Release description:
Having fallen deeply in love with American duo Celer’s music over the last year it brings me a huge amount of pride to be able to unveil this wonderful release from them.

The first part of a series it features an absolutely stunning 20 minute piece which completely blew me away when I first heard it. To describe it in detail seems somehow wrong as it pretty much demands to be enjoyed in one sitting with the lights down low so you can experience the enveloping and deeply hypnotic beauty. Created from layers of instrument samples and field recordings, it will gently massage your soul with its melancholic nature and intimate feeling.

Listen to the sample, grab yourself a copy and join me in being spellbound by this awesome duo’s wonderful sound. Simply brilliant.

Track list:
1 Balsam

Release description:
As the reaction to the first part of Celer’s Four Pieces was so amazing I thought I’d treat you all to the second part sooner rather than later.

Four Pieces / Two is titled Balsam and it sits so beautifully next to the first part that you can sense the link between them. Listen to them one after another and you’ll detect a subtle shift in the tonal quality as a small hint of dissonance is added into the layers of almost classical sound. It creates a wonderful continuation of the themes in the slightly more overtly melodic Aronia and creates a similarly enveloping sense of ambience and solitude. As ever with Celer’s work it begs to be listened to uninterrupted in one sitting – preferably with the lights down low in my opinion – and enjoyed as it was meant to be.

Track list:
1 Photophores

Release description:
And so we reach the penultimate part of the Four Pieces series from Celer. Once again I’m absolutely thrilled to be bringing this to you and I think that you’re going to be as delighted and wowed as I was when I first heard it.

Entitled Photophores this work is just as fluid and beautiful as the other parts but, to these ears, has the most classical feel. Certainly there’s an almost orchestral lilt to the sound which carries on from part two by using a lightly discordant tone to convey a sense of darkness in the background, resonantly drifting over you. That said it plays wonderfully against the overall warmth, melancholy and uplifting feel that pervades every second of the piece. With a shimmering sound – which perfectly captures the idea of the title – it conjures up images of a distant heat haze and becomes a sublime 20 minute journey that’s purely magical.

Once again showing that they’re in a league of their own when it comes to producing deeply gorgeous and atmospheric ambient music, Celer really do have their own unique sound – and for that we must cherish them. As always my heartfelt gratitude goes out to both Will & Dani for making this series possible and gracing Smallfish with such phenomenal music.