Format: CDR
Label: Smallfish Records
Catalog: FISH8CM-30
Release date: 1/19/09

Out of print

Track list:
1 Aronia

Release description:
Having fallen deeply in love with American duo Celer’s music over the last year it brings me a huge amount of pride to be able to unveil this wonderful release from them.

The first part of a series it features an absolutely stunning 20 minute piece which completely blew me away when I first heard it. To describe it in detail seems somehow wrong as it pretty much demands to be enjoyed in one sitting with the lights down low so you can experience the enveloping and deeply hypnotic beauty. Created from layers of instrument samples and field recordings, it will gently massage your soul with its melancholic nature and intimate feeling.

Listen to the sample, grab yourself a copy and join me in being spellbound by this awesome duo’s wonderful sound. Simply brilliant.