Format: 4CDR
Label: Self released
Catalog: CELER 011
Release date: 5/10/07

Out of print

Track list:
Disc 1
1 Slowly Wire Circles In The Drinking Smiles, Weaving Copper Plants
2 Sheets Slipping With Patient Patios; The Sun Crawling Under The Beds

Disc 2
3 Glowing Blast Tanks, Pinpoint Scans; Closing Signals
4 Outlines Of A Picture Frame, Blackmailed Globes Of Deference

Disc 3
5 Droops Thet Whirl, Cry, Hear, And Stop

Disc 4
6 Sprume Oil Tankers, Skimming Their Polling Searings
7 Hearing……….. Knocking On White Doors, Leaving With Ping Pongs

Release description:
Packaged in two hand-made hand-painted cardboard pyramids with two inserts.