Format: Cassette
Label: Prairie Fire
Catalog: PF044
Release date: 1/11/12

Out of print

Track list:
Side A
1 Faint Sights Through Shielded Sunlight
2 Facing Formlessness
3 Photo Poems And Intentional Indigence

Side B
4 Fearing Keys Of Anxious Days
5 Negative Swell
6 Nearby Genesis

Release description:
In the Finger-Painted Fields of the Eyes is everything you would expect from a Celer/Will Long release. It’s subdued, introspective, lonely, and beautiful. It’s almost as if a lifetime’s worth of quiet moments were collected and then transferred onto tape. If you’re in a space where you need something to bring you down and mellow you out, this would be it.

Initially this tape was going to be roughly one hour long. As the production process rolled on, Will sent us a second version that pushed the length of the tape to be nearly 30 minutes longer. It’s an astounding collection of music that we are very lucky and honored to be able to present.

Press reviews:

Norman Records
It’s nice to crack out an odd tape here and there. I don’t play many these days but every so often I enjoy the sound you get from a tape. Artists like Celer suit tapes more than any other format I think. The tapes I’ve heard by ’em have sounded great. Here’s another! In The Finger Painted Fields of Eyes (no… me neither) is a six track album of Celer’s blissed out warm sounding droney bliss. They rarely vary from their template so I struggle to think of new things to write about them. Needless to say there’s a reason they have become so entrenched into the ambient community and that’s because they do what they do very well! This is another warm enveloping slab of pulsing drone music which sounds ace on tape and will keep you rabid Celer fans happy. Limited to 100 copies and it comes with a download code!