Format: LP
Label: Self released
Catalog: V5
Release date: 6/1/12

Out of print

Track list:
Side A
1 Resting On Intensity

Side B
2 Swelling That Saves Me From It

Release description:
Part 5/5 of black vinyl series.

Press reviews:

The subtle enmeshed loops of Diving Into The Plasma Pool flow like Debussy’s Nuages and yearn (although more gently) like Nicholas Szczepanik’s Please Stop Loving Me—they are waves that crest, hold onto a pleasurable edge and then dissolve.  The chords and sounds are right in my sweet-spot.  But enough from me; just listen—better yet, buy one or both of them.  They’re gorgeous, full and resonant—simply magical.

Norman Records
Another beautiful warm ambient drone piece from Japan-based artist Celer, this is limited to 100 and comes with a handwritten note on black paper in silver ink, track one ‘Resting On Intensity’ is an epic soundtrack that swells in and out intensely like a rush of blood, I could come out with a bucket load of typically boring and lazy descriptions for this kind of music like “ebbs and flows” and “ocean waves” etc. but here the music speaks for itself, the B-side ‘Swelling That Saves Me From It’ lifts the spirit like a soaring bird….wait I’m doing again aren’t I? Just do me a favour and buy this record!