Track list:
1 Slightly Apart, Almost Touching
2 Distressing Sensations
3 Ultra-terrestrial Yearning
4 Absolute Receptivity Of the Senses

Release description:

Field Records takes a look into the vast catalogue of Celer, the prolific ambient project from Tokyo-based American artist Will Long. Perfectly Beneath Us was originally released in 2012 as a CD-R on Still*Sleep, and now it’s being presented as a vinyl release, remastered by Stephan Mathieu.

Celer began in California in 2005 as a collaborative project between Will Long and Danielle Baquet, resulting in reams of self-released work up until Baquet passed away in 2009. Long opted to keep their project going, and Celer has continued to grow as an expansive exploration of purest ambient. With such a sizeable library of sounds to explore, the reissue of Perfectly Beneath Us serves as an ideal entry point into the middle period of Celer’s catalogue, presenting four pieces of sustaining, lethargic movements, wreaked in profound subtlety.

This captivating piece of work rewards the attentive listener as much as it soothes the casual drifter. Now beautifully framed on a carefully considered reissue, this record fits neatly with the label’s own repertoire of evocative, subliminal electronics.

Remastered by Stephan Mathieu at Schwebung.


Track list:
CD1 True Maps Of An Unreal Place
CD2 To Stay Up Above
CD3 Imagined Settlement
CD4 An Evening, Elsewhere

Release description:

Originally recorded and released in digital format only in 2020, It Would Be Giving Up is a set of ensemble pieces made with tape loops and analog instruments. Following a similar trajectory as that of Memory Repetitions and Future Predictions, this set pushes further beyond, continuing to utilize a wall-of-sound approach to mood construction, and reflections on complicated grief. Simultaneously, it is a further statement to intensify blurring of the lines between genres, with sound palettes defined solely by their chosen volume. Finally, it should exist as a pure manifestation of uncertainty, fate, and illusion.

Packed in a custom-designed clamshell box, of 4 discs with individual pocket sleeves, and a 20-page booklet. Remastered from the original tapes by Stephan Mathieu at Schwebung.

Track list:
1 A Once And Meaningful Life
2 Remaining Stretches
3 Separations And Reactions
4 Doubts Of Words
5 Unless They Were Beautiful
6 In the Bright the Days
7 If Disabuse Is So Hard, Then
8 What Our Mouths Make Them
9 Hanging Herself On The Lonely Fifth Column (Gramophones That Remind Us Of What Sounds Once Were)
10 Openings Of Love (Fireworks)
11 Extended Sways Of Silence
12 A Once And Meaningful Life (Original single disc version)
13 Remaining Stretches (Original single disc version)
14 Separations And Reactions (Original single disc version)
15 Doubts Of Words (Original single disc version)
16 Unless They Were Beautiful (Original single disc version)
17 What Our Mouths Make Them (Original single disc version)
18 Hanging Herself On The Lonely Fifth Column (Gramophones That Remind Us Of What Sounds Once Were) (Original single disc version)
19 Openings Of Love (Fireworks) (Original single disc version)
20 Extended Sways Of Silence (Original single disc version)


Release description:
Originally released on CD in 2009, Engaged Touches has been expanded from the original recordings for a 3LP edition, spanning 5 sides of vinyl, and a 3CD edition of the same expanded version, as well as the original single disc version. All have been remastered by Stephan Mathieu for this special limited edition.

Track list:
1 Natatorial Swings
2 The Languid Progency Of Low-Flying Birds
3 A Soupçon Of Self-Doubt In A Pannus Cloud
4 Superannuated Blinks Of A Otherwise Forgotten Pond
5 The Peregrine Birders Of Phantom Forests
6 Laggardly Filling In The Past
7 The Impotence Of Decelerated Self-Importance
8 Epigone Bygones

Release description:
Recorded in 2007 and 2008, Cursory Asperses was created with cassette tape recordings of water sounds from various rivers, streams, lakes, beaches, and pools, combined with direct to tape instrument recordings from synthesizers, an organ, cello, piano, and bowed instruments.

Instead of traditionally mixing these, at the time we were interested in
software, using free Mac OS Classic programs such as Audiosculpt and
Soundhack. Before we had a DAW, before VSTs, we used non-realtime
convolution processing through software, using the water recordings as an impulse for the instrument sounds. The instrument sounds were
“arranged” (by adding silence before, during, or after) in layered, visual
swathes, to create an audio interpretation of the movement of water and waves, slowly evolving and shifting, for a meditation on deep and focused listening. Opposed to passivity, where sounds become lost in distant tones and layers upon layers are misinterpreted as single, meaningless tones.

Or, it’s just as meaningless as the passing of water, the flow of rivers – the crashes of sparkling ocean waves, all those sounds that we recognize. The tones are unpolished, left in their fuzzy form, with the high noise crushed into the deep. Behind the swells, and under the depths is a longing, or a lack thereof. It’s passing by, no different than it was years before.

Track list:
A Unreality In Misfortune
B Mere Threads

Release description:
Limited edition reissue on cassette.

Press description:
let’s talk about minimalism? maximal impact with minimal ingredients? dynamite? saltpeter and sulphur? no. loops and silence. the-world-repeats-itself-and holds-its-breath -magic. tranquile and beautiful. forever.
celer creates the finest drone loop ever full stop. you won’t ever miss them again so go and buy this tape now.
originally a digital release in 2020, first time on a physical format, limited edition of 50 copies.
do i have to continue? – Cosmic Winnetou

Package description:
Limited edition of 50 copies.

Box set of reissue CDs of selected self-releases from 2006-2007, includes 10 releases (14 CDs in all):

Cantus Libres
Red Seals
Voodoo Crowds

Also includes 20-page booklet. All titles remastered by Stephan Mathieu.

Track list:
1 Illegal Photographs Of The Funeral Fires
2 In A Pulse
3 Dancing As Terrorism
4 Varanasi
5 Auctorial Days Of Delhi
6 So Very Sari, I Swear
7 Chest Mulct
8 The Sangha Inside
9 Sweep
10 The Ananta – Shesha Over The Ganges
11 New Years In Dharamsala
12 Leaving A New Home
13 Shesha (That Which Remains)

Release description:
Mastered by Stephan Mathieu at Schwebung. Vinyl version includes a bonus track, “The Creases and Shadows”.

Track list:
1 This Thinking Globe Exploding
2 The Carved God Is Gone; Waking Above The Pileus Clouds
3 Stargazing Lily Lacks The Flower
4 Retranslating The Upside-Down Mountain
5 A Crush, A Hero-Worship & Hyperrealism
6 The Separation Of The Two-Phased Apple Blossoms
7 Delaying The Entropy; In Emptiness, Forms Are Born

Release description:

Remastered by Stephan Mathieu.

Track list:
1 Brackish Nagas Too Low In the River
2 Surly & Chapparal

Release description:
Remastered from the original tapes by Stephan Mathieu, artwork by Mathieu Ruhlmann and David Ruhlmann.

Track list:
1 Spelunking The Arteries Of Our Ancestors
2 The Look That Falls Upon Us Extends As If A Landform
3 Igenous Matters Most
4 Vitiating The Incline
5 How Long To Hold Up A Breathless Face
6 Awake For A Wake, Dead But For A Life
7 Lithospheric Plates Are Cleanly Forgotten
8 Espy The Horizon, Miss The Lost Road
9 Whimsical At The Cretaceous Extinction
10 I Ate Socialist Meals In The Company Mess Hall

Release description:
Remastered by Stephan Mathieu