Track list:

1 Waking Up
2 With the Sun In My Eyes
3 I’m Not Getting Up
4 Seems To Help You Fade Away
5 Nods Toward Nowhere
6 Her Name Was Tranquility
7 Inexorable, Every Night
8 To Tell You “You’re So Beautiful” Once More
9 Emptiness In the Isolatarium
10 Absolute and Underwhelming
11 Sinking Dance
12 Left In a Sunny Stupor

Release description:
Press text:

In ascending order, September.

The lava pools are a steady hue of blood red (1). This doesn’t change throughout the seasons (2). However, after months – almost 1.5 years now, the longer I stare at them on my daily walks through the bolsons, the bubbles seem to turn it into a more burnt orange (3).

In addition, my lungs feel increasingly burned, from nightly chainsmoking (4). I’ve been able to reduce my intake of wine (white wine no longer makes me nauseous) to one bottle per week (5). Usually this is after what should be the most stable day of communication with family and/or friends – of which I’m allotted one day per week, as their schedules allow (6).

In addition, there are nightmares. Reconciliation fantasies (7), or alternate realities of which are the most absurd, with shifting centuries (8).

Lastly, there is the view from waist level, and up, in kaleidoscopic form (9). Everyday is the same. This projected sunlight, symmetrical patterns, tilted surfaces – by now it should be obvious why each direction is the same – it is all simultaneous (10). I’m starting to feel this way as well – I think that is the effect of this place (11). You heard this before, and have seen this before. I’ll leave you with this – stop expecting something to change – because it already happened, you just were looking for the wrong kind of change (12).

All music by Will Long. Created with reel-to-reel tape micro-samples and homemade reel tape flanging
Mastered by Stephan Mathieu at Schwebung

Package description:
CD, Cassette on Two Acorns (2A28)
2xLP on Oscarson (osc no. 38)

Track list:
Disc one
1 Ceylon

Disc two
1 Simpark
2 Mainenn
3 Ohnlong (bonus track)


Release description:
Remastered by Stephan Mathieu
All music by Will Long and Danielle Baquet
Poetry by Danielle Baquet

Package description:
CD edition of 300 copies

Track list:
1 Melancholy Movement
2 The Suggestion Of A Loss
3 Fog, At Least, Is Left
4 Kept It Near Me, Only Afterwards
5 Melancholy Movement II
6 Days Before The Change
7 The Rue Des Eglantiers As A Pillow
8 Melancholy Movement III
9 In The Intimate Hours
10 Directed By The Stars
11 After All Time
12 Precious Past Hours

Release description:

It was months ago, but it could have been weeks, days, or even hours since then. I stopped wanting to hear loops, I wanted to stop it. I added brass; trumpets, trombones, and more horns. I cut it out like words from a book, and sewed it back together. Burroughs. These movements are merely to stay alive, to stay moving.

You wake up from a truck horn passing in the early morning hours on the nearby freeway, or from a dream that you can’t tell was a nightmare or a loving memory.

Someone walks by on the street wearing the same perfume. I drew out each place, each scene, and put the story there. It might have been with you, or without you. All I know is that you were there somehow the whole time, even if you weren’t.

I saw rainbows from under the bridge by the river, and the sun shot up through the clouds of the golden hour. It didn’t help, and there was no one around. Your chest is even with your knees, and you’re sitting in the dirt. The sun keeps going down, and eventually you make your way home. It’s not very much the same as it was anymore. The horns are deafening, but after, the echoes let me see the way away.

The light keeps coming, and it keeps going. Songs of surroundings, the silent, the heartbeats, the tears. We’ve all had them, and we’ll never be rid of them.

All music and photography by Will Long, Recorded in April – May 2020.

Package description:
Monochrome printed, matte laminate and embossed sleeve, insert card

Track list:
1 Apathy Has Its Own Momentum
2 For 6 Seconds, You Don’t Blink
3 I See The Ones
4 The Last Thing You Explain Before You Die
5 The Smoke In The Photo
6 Walking Above Walkways
7 Homes Between The Channels, Under The Dams
8 Blinking Twilight At 3AM

Release description:
Remastered by Stephan Mathieu
Artwork by Yann Novak

All music by Will Long and Danielle Baquet

Package description:
CD edition of 500 copies

Track list:
1 Coral Sea

Release description:

Noise is coming from every direction. Backseat tvs flicker, and shuffling sounds fill the spectrum. Light glimmers from the windows, and only a few of us look out. I’m consumed by everything (else) and it all seems overwhelming. I’m outraged by the extending evils, their smiles filling my consciousness. It’s not good enough to be a bystander. I won’t make those mistakes. I will try. But what, do you give? Below, there are tiny islands passing by. They appear for minutes, and disappear. So will this noise, and us.

Random notes, 2018

All music by Will Long, 2018
Mastered by Stephan Mathieu at Schwebung

Package description:
CD edition of 500 copies

Track list:
1 Writing Letters In the Rain, 06.06
2 Eventual Needs
3 Auf Wiedersehen, My Dear (05.27)
4 Entire Absence (Fever Temperatures)
5 Mirror Falls (8, 9, and 11)
6 Bed 4301, West Lucanin 44, 07.01-09.10
7 Uselessness Of the Caused

Release description:
All music, tapes, 4-track, Uher, field recordings, Sony Tapecorder, found sounds, Lexicon PCM 42, pipe reverb by Will Long

Cover is a hand-painted colorized photo by James Jenkins

Mastered by Stephan Mathieu

Inspired by the journals, letters, and photographs of James Jenkins, 1942-1943 from Luzon, Philippines

Package description:
2CD edition of 500 copies, vinyl edition of 350, 150 emerald vinyl, 150 ivory

Track list:
A An Implosion, A Smearing; Turns To Dust
B At A Loss For

Release description:
During his 15 year tenure, Tokyo based artist Will Long, aka Celer, has cemented himself as one of modern ambient musics most significant forces.

Celerʼs ability to create expressively poignant tape loops remains near unparalleled, many of which resonate for extended durations without ever truly altering, and yet somehow, they continue to take on new meaning with each heartrending repetition.

The album itself is composed of two new pieces, each of which ostensibly render time, yielding it to their own will as each pieces unfolds; ‘An Implosion, A Smearing; Turns To Dustʼ fills side A with an 20-minute-long exhalation of near celestial contours, while ‘At a Loss Forʼ brings us back to earth with a perpetual exultation on elation and demise.

Once again, Celer manages to demonstrate his prowess as a storyteller of sonic repetitions, leaving us feeling transformed as the albums reprise breathes its last resounding gasp.

Package description:
Limited edition of 100 copies.

Track list:
1 Great Circles
2 The Absence Of Atmosphere
3 Two Months Are Past, And More
4 Sinai
5 Geodesy
6 After Departures

Release description:
Being Below is a mini-album of short songs created with digital and analogue instruments, recorded in 2020. Written with a structure that reflects shifting states, overlooking the past and future as a split pathway with the present endlessly fluctuating between. The pangs of rumination. An exercise in loop-less writing.

Mastered by Stephan Mathieu at Schwebung, and designed by Rutger Zuydervelt.

Pressed in a limited edition of 150 crystal clear 12″ vinyl, 150 black 12″ vinyl in a reverse-board sleeve as a dual release from Past Inside the Present and Two Acorns. A CD edition in a reverse-board 4-panel package with glass-mastered CD is also available from Two Acorns.

Staring out, tense. Looking down isn’t so different than looking up, but it passes by faster. Contentment at the accomplishment that I’m here, and the fear that what I’ve always been looking for has passed by. Staring up and looking at the sky, wishing you were up here with me, here where you can see everything. Above, the surface drifts by, and the colors on the horizon in pale blues makes me calm. Then blue. Deep in pale blue.

Again, in the morning. Close your eyes. Repeating this, repeating that, then it changes. Try to stay focused, but you’ve already moved out of sight. You’re a million miles away, and farther. Waiting for night. Stars, always beyond. Now, it’s already tomorrow.

Track list:
1 I
2 II
4 IV
5 V
6 VI

Release description:
Originally self-released in 2007 in a 2xCDR handmade edition. Remastered by Stephan Mathieu.

Cover photo by Danielle Baquet

Track list:
1 Sans Heavens, Hand In Hand
2 Kangchenjunga, Turning Settings, Parallel To Peace
3 Snow Voyeurs On Our Shoulders, Above Twin White Suns
4 The Once Emptiness Of Our Hearts

Release description:
Originally self-released in 2007 in a 2xCDR handmade edition, inside a Tibetan silk sleeve. Remastered by Stephan Mathieu.

Cover photo by Danielle Baquet