Track list:
1 Melancholy Movement
2 The Suggestion Of A Loss
3 Fog, At Least, Is Left
4 Kept It Near Me, Only Afterwards
5 Melancholy Movement II
6 Days Before The Change
7 The Rue Des Eglantiers As A Pillow
8 Melancholy Movement III
9 In The Intimate Hours
10 Directed By The Stars
11 After All Time
12 Precious Past Hours

Release description:

It was months ago, but it could have been weeks, days, or even hours since then. I stopped wanting to hear loops, I wanted to stop it. I added brass; trumpets, trombones, and more horns. I cut it out like words from a book, and sewed it back together. Burroughs. These movements are merely to stay alive, to stay moving.

You wake up from a truck horn passing in the early morning hours on the nearby freeway, or from a dream that you can’t tell was a nightmare or a loving memory.

Someone walks by on the street wearing the same perfume. I drew out each place, each scene, and put the story there. It might have been with you, or without you. All I know is that you were there somehow the whole time, even if you weren’t.

I saw rainbows from under the bridge by the river, and the sun shot up through the clouds of the golden hour. It didn’t help, and there was no one around. Your chest is even with your knees, and you’re sitting in the dirt. The sun keeps going down, and eventually you make your way home. It’s not very much the same as it was anymore. The horns are deafening, but after, the echoes let me see the way away.

The light keeps coming, and it keeps going. Songs of surroundings, the silent, the heartbeats, the tears. We’ve all had them, and we’ll never be rid of them.

All music and photography by Will Long, Recorded in April – May 2020.

Package description:
Monochrome printed, matte laminate and embossed sleeve, insert card