Track list:
1 80,000 Feet
2 Taking Measures Toward Morning
3 Cherry Souls Awakening
4 Scarfs, Blisters And Night Lights
5 Artificial Colours
6 Swift And Ersatz Cough To Morning
7 Fathom This Young Life
8 Metal Master
9 Diphenhydramine
10 Sluggish In The Morning
11 Seeing; That Side Of Teaching
12 Mi
13 Peak Pressure
14 Rain Machines
15 Voiceless Devilfish
16 Swarms Of Orange
17 The Divine Is Not Invisible
18 Passing Hills And Still Windmills
19 Petrified Forest
20 Ice Deserts Over Ross Island
21 Scratch The Chest Of Your Voices
22 Blind Darsan
23 Missed Language
24 Late Calms
25 “To Be Holy, Be Wholly Your Own”
26 Hyperopia
27 Right To Left
28 A Minor Echolocation
29 We Were Blond First
30 The Stars Are Only Smears
31 Orionne
32 5:59 AM
33 Ends Meet
34 Mass Clouds
35 Till The Clouds Roll By
36 Apricot Sunrise
37 Echelons

Release description:
Polar stratospheric clouds (PSCs), also known as “nacreous clouds”, are found in the winter polar stratosphere at altitudes of 15,000–25,000 metres (50,000–80,000 ft). Due to their high altitude and the curvature of the surface
of the Earth, these clouds will receive sunlight from below the horizon and reflect it to the ground, shining brightly well before dawn or after dusk. PSCs form at very low temperatures, below −78 °C. These temperatures can occur in the lower stratosphere in polar winter. In the Antarctic, temperatures below −88 °C frequently cause type II PSCs. Such low temperatures are rarer in the Arctic. Apart from arctic regions, PSCs have also been known to be seen in Scandinavia, Iceland, Alaska and Northern Canada. Sometimes, however, they occur as far south as England.

This beautiful release features 37 short tracks of raw iridescent ambience (total time exceeding 78 minutes) reflecting the hyper-temporal nature of what are known as “nacreous clouds”. And like the clouds, the tracks are
quick to appear and disappear. Playback using the random shuffle mode of your CD player is highly recommended.

While this is undoubtedly an ambient release, it is unusual in that there are many short tracks instead of one or two long ones, and each of the tracks is notably “raw” in that they do not use additional processing like reverb to
enhance the initial processed sound sources further. This might prove to be a challenge for those who prefer their ambience buried under a thousand pounds of reverb, but it is not the intent of the artists or and/OAR to release
“just another ambient CD”. Instead, we invite you to explore an alternative method of rendering ambience in a way that is more immediate, therefore effecting the listener’s mind in a more personal and powerful way.

Track list:
1 Floating Parasomnia
2 The Enlightened Scapegrace
3 Obtuse Sensibility

Release description:
“Dedicated to the anonymous & unknown.”

Originally self-published as a very limited triple 3″ CDR release in May, 2009, Celer’s Levitation And Breaking Points is now available again on CD – this time limited to 300 copies. Surely one of Celer’s most subtly beautiful and uplifting albums out of an already beautiful, highly prolific and much celebrated discography of work. Especially magical to listen to in the early evening as the sunlight fades below the horizon… a balm for the soul.

Photography and cover design by Dale Lloyd.