Format: 3LP
Label: Comatonse Recordings
Catalog: C.026.EP3
Release date: 9/29/16

Out of print

Disc 1: YELLOW

  • A1: Pigs 10’54”
  • B1: Pigs (Sprinkles Overdub) 10’54”

Disc 2: IVORY

  • C1: Daylight & Dark 11’28”
  • D1: Daylight & Dark (Sprinkles Overdub) 11’24”

Disc 3: RUST

  • E1: That’s What They Understand 10’27”
  • F1: That’s What They Understand (Sprinkles Overdub) 10’27”

Press text:
Will Long X DJ Sprinkles’ journey to the heart of deep house culminates in the third and final volume in a series of three, offering the broadest yet most subtle, spine-tingling session of the lot, presenting the former’s raw and ‘floor-ready originals backed by the latter’s inimitably sumptuous overdubs.

Conceptually rooted in the queer, black politics of NYC’s late ‘80s and early ‘90s house scene – where Terre Thaemlitz cut her teeth as DJ Sprinkles – the series can be viewed as a vital reminder of that scene’s original values and sense of social democracy, especially when contrasted with the glut of contemporary, commodified representations of that music which sorely miss the mark, or weren’t even aware of the scene’s provenance to begin with.

Make no mistake, though; this is no lecture or snub at younger producers making deep house. Rather, it is evidence of the original form’s latent potential to still generate rare, precious feelings which have been lost or glossed over with subsequent, detached and over-produced translations of its original syntax and intent.

Deep” is the key word here on many levels, from their poignant use of historical samples by civil rights pioneers Bayard Rustin, Jesse Jackson and Kathleen Cleaver, to the unfiltered innocence of Will Long’s productions and Sprinkles’ corresponding, pensile overdubs, which make utterly incredible use of the frequency spectrum to reveal acres of space in the upper registers and, on the other hand, an honestly breathtaking application of layered subbass tones that are just impossible to describe.

This one’s a little bit special…

Available as:

  • 3LP vinyl edition