Format: 2LP, Cassette, CD
Label: Two Acorns
Catalog: 2A30
Release date: 11/1/22

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Track list:
1 Illegal Photographs Of The Funeral Fires
2 In A Pulse
3 Dancing As Terrorism
4 Varanasi
5 Auctorial Days Of Delhi
6 So Very Sari, I Swear
7 Chest Mulct
8 The Sangha Inside
9 Sweep
10 The Ananta – Shesha Over The Ganges
11 New Years In Dharamsala
12 Leaving A New Home
13 Shesha (That Which Remains)

Release description:
Mastered by Stephan Mathieu at Schwebung. Vinyl version includes a bonus track, “The Creases and Shadows”.