Format: Cassette
Label: Vaagner

Release date: 5/29/18

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Track list:

1 O. Vaupel – At Se I Morke
2 Anthene – Best Intentions
3 Anasisana – Maubeuge
4 Forest Management – Tangle
5 V. Sinclair – A Saint in the Garden of Our Time
6 Celer – Four Circles Around a Empty Place
7 Amethyst – Blossom Palace

Release description:
Stages of Grief Vol 1. ‘Convalescence’ chronicles the hardships of time via 7 arresting compositions, each one acting as a personal response to the compilations thematic while creating a aural story arch, enfolding throughout the course of the release.

Dedicated to Konrad, Shaleen, Kimberly, Jon, Pizarnik, Sally & Jasmin