Format: Cassette
Label: Digitalis Limited
Catalog: LTD#122
Release date: 2/1/10

Out of print

Track list:
Side A
1 Pleased To Be In A State Of Sour Resplendency

Side B
2 Things Gone And Still Here

Release description:
Another subtle masterpiece, another broken heart. Celer delivers over and over again until you can barely stand it. There’s so much happening underneath the surface of those sprawling pieces that it’s impossible to take it all in, impossible not to get totally, utterly lost. With each rise and fall, your breathing will slow to a crawl. “Rags of Contement” will soothe you, almost to the point of losing consciousness. Sit back, close yourself and drift as far away as you can. This is stunning, beautifully composed music stretching to infinity. Edition of 150.