Format: Box set
Label: Two Acorns
Catalog: 2A35
Release date: 4/15/24

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Track list:
CD1 True Maps Of An Unreal Place
CD2 To Stay Up Above
CD3 Imagined Settlement
CD4 An Evening, Elsewhere

Release description:

Originally recorded and released in digital format only in 2020, It Would Be Giving Up is a set of ensemble pieces made with tape loops and analog instruments. Following a similar trajectory as that of Memory Repetitions and Future Predictions, this set pushes further beyond, continuing to utilize a wall-of-sound approach to mood construction, and reflections on complicated grief. Simultaneously, it is a further statement to intensify blurring of the lines between genres, with sound palettes defined solely by their chosen volume. Finally, it should exist as a pure manifestation of uncertainty, fate, and illusion.

Packed in a custom-designed clamshell box, of 4 discs with individual pocket sleeves, and a 20-page booklet. Remastered from the original tapes by Stephan Mathieu at Schwebung.