Label: Normal Cookie
Catalog: Cookie 3
Release date: 8/1/13

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1 Heaven’s Gate
2 Toumei
3 Grand Prix
4 I did this, I did that
5 Song with Coyotes
6 Treehouse
7 Daylight lunch
8 Keio line
9 Take-off
10 Boite de nuit
11 Newsbreak
12 Radio days
13 Ice skating in the dark
14 Love song

I Love You… is the debut album by Oh, Yoko, the duo of RIE MITSUTAKE and WILL LONG, featuring 14 new songs of homemade pop, lo-fi electronics, and synth folk. Recorded in Tokyo with an assembly of vintage electronic and acoustic instruments, classic microphones, found sounds, and toys, I Love You… is Oh, Yoko’s premiere statement of the openness of creativity in captured moments of a simple home and city life.

Rie Mitsutake, as Miko, has released full-length albums on labels such as Plop (Japan) and Someone Good (Australia). She has toured in Japan and Australia, and also collaborates with many other artists. Will Long, as Celer, has released music on labels from North America, Europe, and Asia. He operates his own label, Two Acorns, and record store, Floor Sugar. Together they manage labels Normal Cookie and Bun Tapes.

I Love You… is packaged in a custom foldout triple-panel board case, with a glass-mastered compact disc. First edition of 500 copies.