Track list:
1. The Die That’s Caste

Release description:
‘The Die That’s Caste’ is packaged in a mini DVD/half size case, 3″cdr white printable, numbered edition, limited to 100 copies, with cover photography taken by Ana Zarco in Cramond, Scotland, in August 2010. Layout and audio mastering by m.a.tolosa.

Track list:
1 Spelunking The Arteries Of Our Ancestors
2 The Look That Falls Upon Us Extends As If A Landform
3 Igenous Matters Most
4 Vitiating The Incline
5 How Long To Hold Up A Breathless Face
6 Awake For A Wake, Dead But For A Life
7 Lithospheric Plates Are Cleanly Forgotten
8 Espy The Horizon, Miss The Lost Road
9 Whimsical At The Cretaceous Extinction
10 I Ate Socialist Meals In The Company Mess Hall

Release description:
2011 Remastered CD reissue on Con-v.