Track list:
1 Circle Routes
2 (12.5.12) Making tea over a rocket launch broadcast
3 In plum and magenta
4 (12.21.12) On the Shinkansen leaving Kyoto
5 Tangent lines
6 (12.20.12) Back in Kawaramachi, Kyoto
7 Equal to moments of completion
8 (4.8.13) A morning
9 Wishes to prolong
10 (4.8.13) An evening
11 Attempts to make time pass differently

Release description:
“Hill towns and empty mountains pass by, but the smoothness of the train blurs the view, and it’s easier than ever to fall asleep in the low morning sunlight coming in through the train’s windows”, writes Will Long, the artist behind the Celer moniker, in his liner notes to Sky Limits, one of his most fulfilling records to date.

First created as a duo project in 2005, Celer has been US-born musician Will Long’s solo vehicle since 2009. Through the years and thanks to an astounding rate of production, Celer has become a reference in the field of ambient electronic music. The care Long puts in his ethereal albums and his flawless musical intuition have earned him the critics’praise and invites to release material on key labels such as Spekk, Glacial Movements, Humming Conch, Experimedia, and/OAR, and now Baskaru.

Sky Limits consists in a series of daydreaming-prone, strings-laden ambient tracks interspersed with field recordings of daily life in Tokyo and Kyoto. This album is a reflection on the evanescent nature of memories, dreams, and reality.