Track list:
A An Implosion, A Smearing; Turns To Dust
B At A Loss For

Release description:
During his 15 year tenure, Tokyo based artist Will Long, aka Celer, has cemented himself as one of modern ambient musics most significant forces.

Celerʼs ability to create expressively poignant tape loops remains near unparalleled, many of which resonate for extended durations without ever truly altering, and yet somehow, they continue to take on new meaning with each heartrending repetition.

The album itself is composed of two new pieces, each of which ostensibly render time, yielding it to their own will as each pieces unfolds; ‘An Implosion, A Smearing; Turns To Dustʼ fills side A with an 20-minute-long exhalation of near celestial contours, while ‘At a Loss Forʼ brings us back to earth with a perpetual exultation on elation and demise.

Once again, Celer manages to demonstrate his prowess as a storyteller of sonic repetitions, leaving us feeling transformed as the albums reprise breathes its last resounding gasp.

Package description:
Limited edition of 100 copies.

Track list:
1 A1-A4
2 B1-B3

Release description:
Vamps (phrases with variation for upright piano)

For the uninitiated, to be said simply, Celer is Will Long. Born and raised in the American South, and now living in Japan, Long is a stalwart in the ambient and house music communities, known for his masterful, prolific, and earnest styles. An approachably existential tenderness permeates Long’s work: music and art is a means, not for just expression, but for an existing through. Documentation of time and patience as autoethnographic research. Like his snapshots, including photos used here for artwork, Long’s practice is to turn the quotidian into the transcendent through temperance. Celer has amassed a large body of recordings in his/their nearly 13 years active, and Patient Sounds is honored to contribute to this profound and prodigious legacy. Vamps arrives as a minimal meditation on repeated phrases. Melancholic and contemplative, acoustic piano phrases and cassette tape phasing as a means of meditation. A sunset with the sustain firmly compressed. Time has shifted in that silence, a silent second is an anechoic chamber, feathers caught beating at the lonely light.

Feather (white) shell / Sustain (gold) imprint

– Patient Sounds

Package description:
Feather (white) shell / Sustain (gold) imprint

Track list:
1 Everywhere I Go, You’re All That I See
2 Wishes Would Be Grand If Only They Came True

Release description:
Side A
Sit down, put your arms out, and lean your head back. Your neck rests on the black leather of the couch, and warm sunlight only comes in if you open the windows. Marble angels watch over you, and the lights can stay low. While you’re sleeping, I can’t imagine that you’re dreaming at all. I took photos of the curtains, and waited for what seemed like hours for you to wake up. I couldn’t sleep at all, just sitting under the lights. I’ve dreamed of this moments we’ve had. Every interpretation is simplistic, an expectation that you can find some whole in something so thin. Even the thinnest knives can cut deeply. Dreams that love can be the solution, that I’ll find everything here, no, everything there. Maybe next time everything will be perfect. I’ll stop burning inside, I’ll stop wanting everything to change. I’ll be happy, I won’t need anything. But I keep wavering, esurient and waiting. You search for love, all you need is love, and all you have are memories.

Side B
Suddenly looking out over the cliffs of a coast, sunglasses and a car by the side of the road, the ocean doesn’t end. The sun burns my face, dust on the gravel road seems to move in the breeze, and the face of the ocean seems as a blue plate. I swam above the hairpin bends, and waited on the floating platform. I knew you’d show up. You were even early. My hair was more grey, and your college days made you look happy. I smiled hearing all about your days with friends, reading these books you passed me over the cafe table, remembering the smell of the pages from our home library. You mentioned it too. I know you’ve grown up to be the same as me, and we only smile, and see it in our eyes. Outside, the shuffling plates and silverware are only background noise. Birds are nearby, staying shaded in the trees. They’re always singing the same song.

Two stories by Will Long, October 2018

Track list:

1 O. Vaupel – At Se I Morke
2 Anthene – Best Intentions
3 Anasisana – Maubeuge
4 Forest Management – Tangle
5 V. Sinclair – A Saint in the Garden of Our Time
6 Celer – Four Circles Around a Empty Place
7 Amethyst – Blossom Palace

Release description:
Stages of Grief Vol 1. ‘Convalescence’ chronicles the hardships of time via 7 arresting compositions, each one acting as a personal response to the compilations thematic while creating a aural story arch, enfolding throughout the course of the release.

Dedicated to Konrad, Shaleen, Kimberly, Jon, Pizarnik, Sally & Jasmin

Track list:

1 There’s No Time To Process
2 Or Me Or You
3 Was It Okay For Myself?
4 All Rejection Of Reality
5 Dancing and Not Around

Release description:
All music and photography by Will Long. Sourced from a record of Aaron Copland’s Appalachian Spring played at 15 rpm and replayed and reprocessed on tape.

Track list:
1 7° 10° 77° 83°
2 The First Steps Onto Their Soil
3 Hotel Mona Lisa
4 Indistinguishable From Magic
5 A Big And Strange Place
6 Volcanic Institutions
7 From Fire, Ice
8 Embera
9 5,000 Feet Under The Surface
10 Blending All Of The Above
11 S-shaped Isthmus
12 Magnified Pieces Of Thermodynamics
13 The Signs Are Everywhere
14 Rights Of The Idea Or A Machine

Release description:
“Collaborating for the first time, Will Long and John Daniel combine their methods using tape machines, loops, and computers to score a reimagining of Peter Weir’s film and Paul Theroux’s novel “The Mosquito Coast”. Sourcing inspiration from a view of the film and book as a historical pendulum, the musicians found that these reinterpretations left them nostalgic for a different time, something that’s only partly imagined, and without the defined predictions about the life cycles of mass culture based on our limited understanding of current events.”

Track list:
1 Capacious Apparitions
2 Anabranch Inter-vales
3 Elapsed Paradise
4 Glitter Patterns

Release description:
“I’m spending the days cataloging books and filling the shelves of the new library. In the early afternoons, the new library employees come in and we learn about their system, and how to work it. It’s a 4km walk out of the edge of town, along the hills and red dirt roads with broken palms back to our house. I’ll listen to the radio, or the wind as I walk. When I get back you’re on the phone with family, and our child is outside the window playing in the sand nearby. When she comes back in to join you and have a snack, I’m already wading in the water, floating on my back, and drifting further out. The clouds in the distance are reaching over the islands, their overcast arms swooping and dropping warm rain. Showers barely pass, and they blow by like shadows against the flickering, distant blue lights of the town. I can see the light from our window when I look up, treading water, and even the ocean seems grey and quiet here in the middle. Behind me is another island, led by a green mountain, grey and black with clouds hanging over. The water moves underneath, a sea snake swims by, and the surf spins.”

– Will Long, Saipan, 2016


Available as:

  • Cassette edition on Cellar Door Tapes

Track list:
A1 Celer – Part I
A2 Celer – Part II
B1 Duenn – Part I
B2 Duenn – Part II

Press release:

In 2014 I went to Kyushu in Japan for two shows. One of them was in Fukuoka, organized by Duenn, the artist who also runs the label of the same name. The A side (Celer) is two tape pieces, and the B side is by Duenn.

横浜在住のアンビエント作家celerとduennのsprit作品。deep drone!!!

Track list:

1 Bleeds and swell blends
2 These dreams, how portentously gloomy
3 Natural deflections
4 Acrimonious, like fiddles

Release description:

Artist statement

A few years ago I took a road trip with my 80-year old uncle through parts of the American southwest. We drove to Moab, where the sunset turned the canyon walls orange in the early evening, and after midnight, passing puffy clouds still showed through the the navy blue sky. In the morning, the buttes seemed brilliant bleached in sunlight, and the view from above the canyon was completely silent save for the wind, and birds occasionally flying past. In the Needles district, the centuries-old petroglyphs were mixed with graffiti; spraypaint cans lying half-submerged rusted in the sand below. We drove through the back roads of the La Sal Mountains, and down across the windswept grey Colorado plateau.

Past the expanses of Monument Valley, on the outskirts of Kayenta, rainstorms loomed in the distance as teenage hitchhikers dotted the roadsides, along which were makeshift souvenir shops, alone like fireworks stands after a passed holiday. Climbing out of the desert, we passed through Aspen, through the ski resorts and celebrity mansions, where the average annual household income is $69,000, compared to $21,000 in Kayenta. The next day, our drive ended near Ouray, the fog rolling over the evergreen-lined roads.

Several years later, after leaving California, I put together a collection of tracks made with an electric piano and a wooden flute. Two tracks were copied onto two sun-baked cassette tapes I had found on the dashboard of a car, and the other two from a warped 12″ test pressing. Revisiting these pieces after living in Japan for several years, they instantly reminded me of the trip, and what I left behind in the United States. The tapes fluttered and stuck, drenched in hiss and grime. The record skipped, wavered, and dropped in and out. Yet with these imperfections, it completely reflected my memory of the places, and what they represented. There are sides to everything, whether it causes you to change or not.

– Will Long, 2015





– Will Long, 2015

Press statement

Inspired by the American Southwest, “How could you believe me when I told you that I loved you when you know I’ve been a liar all my life” is the new album by American musician Celer, aka Will Long, now living in Japan. Sourced from an electric piano and wooden flute, tape loops were copied to sun-baked cassette tapes, and a warped vinyl tester, using the most basic format-inherent effects. Based on an idea of primitive Americana, it can be seen as a mediation on the different sides of music and cultural perception, or a reflection of inherent imperfections.


Track list:
Side A
1 Untitled
2 Untitled
3 Untitled
4 Untitled
5 Untitled
6 Untitled

Side B
7 Untitled
8 Untitled
9 Untitled
10 Untitled
11 Untitled
12 Untitled

Release description:
All recordings contained on this cassette were made between 2005 and 2008, using only a Jaymar Toy Piano, and a Heintzman Upright Piano. All tracks were recorded only to cassette tape. The tracks include cassette loops made from original recordings, improvisational piano pieces, and organized pieces. In the event when electronic processing was used, cassette tape remained the single method of recording. We hope to demonstrate an admiration of experimentation through a single recording medium, and to dedicate our humble use of the piano to the American pianists of the 1920’s.